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A Note To Our Clients About The Coronavirus. Your Health And Safety Is Our Top Priority.

A Note To Our Clients About The Coronavirus. Your Health And Safety Is Our Top Priority

As our Country enters unprecedented times, Truitt Ray Law is actively monitoring the developments affecting our client’s access to the Courts and the resolution of their legal matters. We are closely monitoring the changing restrictions to the Tippecanoe, White, Clinton, Carroll, Benton, Fountain, and Warren Courthouses. We will work to keep our clients notified of any upcoming changes to the judicial calendars and/or courthouse access. We also acknowledge the importance of keeping our clients, staff, and attorneys as safe as possible as this virus continues to spread in our State. Our office represents individuals of all ages and health circumstances including those considered “high-risk” by physicians and government. We must further do our part to minimize the chance that the Court administration and/or county jails are affected by this illness, in order to prevent the possibility of further Courthouse restrictions and/or closures. In order to minimize the risk of illness to everyone, we will be temporarily making the following changes until further notice:

  • No individuals with a fever, and/or symptoms of a respiratory illness (regardless of the presence of fever) will be permitted into our office. If you are ill, you will need to take alternative methods to meet with the attorney and/or deliver documentation.
  • In the event an individual presents in our office with an on-going cough or other outward symptoms of illness, they will be asked to leave.
  • Individuals outside of Truitt Ray Law employees will not be allowed in attorney/staff offices and staff break areas.
  • All client meetings which may be conducted through non face-to-face methods such as telephone, email, written correspondence, will be completed through these methods. Meetings which the attorneys determine must be in person will continue to occur at our office. If you have documentation you wish for the attorney to see prior to your meeting please email or mail these documents beforehand.
  • We will be limiting face-to-face meetings to consist attorneys and client(s) only. Other individuals such as clients’ spouses, significant others, children, other family, and friends, will not be permitted without the prior approval of the attorney and only permitted when necessary. Such individuals should not wait in our office for our clients.
  • We will be unable to provide restroom access to non-Truitt Ray Law employees. Exceptions maybe made for those who are attending in person attorney client meetings of significant duration.
  • We will suspend providing beverages and/or snacks in our meetings.
  • We will not be hosting mediations and/or settlement conferences in our offices whenever possible and will instead defer to the offices of the mediator or opposing counsel.
  • Our attorneys will continue to be the final decision-maker on hearing continuances;
  • Our clients are asked not to attend Motion Hour hearings unless otherwise instructed by the attorney.
  • Jail visits will be conducted whenever possible via videoconference.

We understand that these changes may be an inconvenience for some, but Truitt Ray Law is dedicated to protecting our clients, staff, and attorneys. In addition, we are doing our part with these changes to limit the effect of this unprecedented illness on our local judicial system in an effort to help prevent a situation where the Courts feel it necessary to further limit our access to the Courthouse and county jails.

We wish everyone health and stability through these ever-changing times.


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