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Lafayette Collection Attorneys

Recovering Business And Individual Debts

The accumulation of accounts receivable can impede cash flow and even threaten the viability of your business. However, it may be possible to recover the funds owed to you.

Truitt Ray Law is a law firm that aggressively seeks to recover debts owed by individuals and businesses. In addition to collecting debts owed to clients in Indiana, we also collect debts on behalf of clients who have won judgments in other states against Indiana residents.

Lafayette collection lawyer Rod A. Ray has extensive experience in this field of law and works diligently to obtain results for clients in a timely, efficient and cost-effective manner. We handle collections on a contingency basis and offer flexible fee arrangements. In some cases, we can recover attorney fees from the debtor, reducing your legal costs.

Efficient And Cost-Effective Debt Recovery Services

When representing you, Truitt Ray Law will:

Analyze the situation — Each debt and debtor is unique. Recognizing this, we will develop an appropriate collection strategy. For example, if the debtor is an important customer whom you wish to continue to do business with but has temporary cash problems, we may take one approach. If the debtor’s problems appear to be irreparable, we will take a different approach.

Write a firmly worded letter to the debtor — You may have already tried this without success. However, when such a letter comes from a law firm and it implicitly or explicitly mentions the possibility of a collection lawsuit, a letter can be enough to induce the debtor to come to terms.

Follow up with a phone call or meeting with the debtor if necessary — In this discussion, we may be able to get the debtor to pay the debt in its entirety or agree to a payment plan.

If we are not successful in that effort — Having determined which of the debtor’s assets we can recover, we will go to court to obtain a judgment. This action will occur in either the small claims court, or a higher court if the debt is greater than $6,000. The judgment can enable us to garnish the wages of an individual, garnish the bank account of an individual or business, or seize other assets the debtor may have.

Risk Minimization Advice

Our law firm also advises business clients on ways to minimize risks. For example, we can provide the language to be printed on your invoices that spell out your payment and collection terms, interest costs for past-due debts and other information. This small investment upfront can provide significant benefits.

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